Lakeshore Repeater Association 70 centimeter KR9RK DMR TDMA 2-Slot Voice repeater on 440.006250 MHz (+ 5.0 MHz) with a Color code of 9. The local talk group is 9 on Time Slot 1 as well this machine is connected to the ChicagoLand DMR network. Our main site is positioned on the border of Racine and Kenosha county’s for optimal performance. With its RX antenna at 460′ and TX antenna at 380′ our system provides reliable wide area coverage with a growing number of RX sites for improved portable coverage. Should the lights go out this system is supported by DC power enabling several days of off grid use. If you use this machine and find it valuable we ask you consider supporting is costs by joining The Lakeshore Repeater Association.

Chicago Land Talk Group Matrix Download